Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A "V" arrangement

This is for Tim MacSweeney who wrote about a "V" of stones that had a calendrical use. He wrote about it several places, the only one I could find was here.

On Saturday, I was exploring the Warren Brook Watershed Conservation Land in Upton, following a planned route and not seeing anything, when things started to show up. I noticed a little line of rocks on the ground - helpfully highlighted by the snow:Then I noticed there was another line of piles, rocks, and propped up rocks that formed a "V" with the first line. Not being a compass user, I cannot confirm these alignments match the ones Tim M. writes about. [Click on the picture, I outlined the component rocks in red]I'll write more later about the Warren Brook Watershed Conservation Land in Upton. There is a lot of stuff there and I only scratched the surface - it is a big patch of woods.

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