Thursday, June 24, 2010

Odds and Ends - Upton State Forest

There is a place on Spring Street where a path leads into Upton State Forest to the east of the road. Starting in there, something like a "gap" pile appears immediately on your left:By a "gap" pile, I mean a pile on a rock, separated by a few feet from another rock, giving the impression of a single structure, with the gap between the rocks playing a role in the structure's function. In this case, the rock on the left has piled on smaller rocks, and across the gap, the other rock has a thick vein of quartz:Further in along the path is a boulder with a short stretch of stone wall. I think we went down and then back up and I left the path following the ridge to the right - where I came across some hints of ceremonialism and, in particular, a somewhat rare thing: a rock-on-rock made of quartz: This was at the edge of ridge looking out over a steep drop-off. I remember (but might not be able to locate a picture of it) another example of a quartz rock-on-rock from exactly the same context - looking out over a steep drop-off. Here is a detail of the quartz:I haven't mentioned it recently for newer readers but the belief is that quartz is an amplifier for "spiritual energy", lacking any particular characteristics of its own. Found occasionally in this context as a rock-on-rock at the edge of an outlook, the interpretation would be that this helps whatever "energy" is passing outward or back inward from that look out.

Returning to the entrance, the obligatory split-wedged rock:

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