Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cairns along the Walpack Ridge Trail

Reader Bob Peal sent new pictures. He writes:

I haven't been on your blog in years, maybe because I haven't seen any rock piles. I was on a hike the other day on the Walpack Ridge Trail that runs from Walpack Center to Thunder Mt. in the Walpack area of the Delaware Watergap NRA. Just thought you would might want to see them. I was on the trail from Walpack Center, the trail is the Walpack Ridge Trail marked with a red blaze. I was more then half way through I think when I looked through the woods near a stream and saw these few piles. Not sure if someone was just clearing the area.

Some years ago I contacted you with some cairns up along the Delaware on the Pa. side and one of your members went up and checked them out. (see here)


Norman said...

The rather thick moss on the supporting boulder, and the seemingly lack of it on the cairn stones is a bit troubling, but I'm looking at photos and not the real thing. Obviously the area should be checked carefully before coming to any conclusion. Unfortunately, I'm not available for a month or two (or more). Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting set of photos! I have a Delaware ancestor who moved up to Canada many, many generations ago and on our family land we have many of these cairns along the ridge which is said to be the hunting ground and burial ground of her and her tribe...
Thank you for posting these.