Friday, June 04, 2010

A walk in Estabrook Woods - flowers and split-wedged rocks

Took a walk in Concord with my wife and saw flowers and split-wedged rocks.

According to my Dad, this is a member of the poppy family:Note the four petals, and the pod-like growths in the lower left. And compare with this buttercup with 5 petals:
Funny how flowers of the same color seem to come out at around the same time, or am I imagining that? And roses:Getting deeper into the woods, what have we here?And here we follow the west edge of Yellow Birch Swamp, going north with the swamp to the right, something on the swamp side of the wall:Ah, it is another split-wedged rock, a little bit more reversible (as in removing the wedge) than the previous example:And here is another, made from a feldspar conglomerate:Funny how the Indian ceremonial presence can still be seen here in Concord along these well trodden paths.

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