Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Almost Thanksgiving Day - Putnam Cty NY

Rob Buchanan writes:

On the afternoon before Thanksgiving I took a run to one of Putnam County's highest hills. I'd been to the same top on the same day a couple of years ago and noticed an alignment of stones on an area of bare rock. I decided to return and take some pictures. The alignment runs generally E -W and consists of three smaller stones aligning with one larger boulder.
Looking generally West. Looking North
Looking along the alignment. Unfortunately I didn't have a compass with me so I couldn't take a bearing along the alignment. I walked South from the alignment along the bare rock of the ridge top. I came across another three stones in an possible alignment. As these stones were smaller and ran parallel to the ridge I doubted whether these were deliberately placed in a line.But I followed their line to the next bare rock knoll and found a cairn built on the South West edge of the knoll. Looking West Looking North West (with flash) Certainly an interesting site and worth further exploration.

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pwax said...

Nice find Rob!