Thursday, December 09, 2010

Shelton Stone Mound Complex, 1CA637, Calhoun County, Alabama

Norman Muller writes:
Attached is the notice of a stone mound site in
Alabama that the Archaeological Conservancy purchased , plus a map of one of the mound clusters (Group 2).There are three such clusters at the site, and this one has the greatest variety of features. The illustration comes from Dr. Harry Holstein’s report: “Preliminary Investigations at the Shelton Stone Mound Complex, 1CA637, Calhoun County, Alabama,” published by the Archaeological Resource Laboratory, Research Series No. 3, Jacksonville State University, 2007.

[T]his is a significant development, as this represents, I believe, the first time that a ceremonial stone mound site has been recognized and preserved by the Archaeological Conservancy.


pwax said...

Thanks Norman for this good news. It seems particularly significant since the Archaeological Conservancy is a well known organization. This may lead to the site being studied carefully but, even without that, it sure gives credibility to the research topic.

Wait till they figure out the astronomy!

pwax said...

It would be interesting to know how broken down are the piles? The ones visible in the picture are not yet completely smeared. But they are pretty far gone.

I dream of calibrating site age from this.