Thursday, December 02, 2010

Southwest of Peppercorn Hill, Upton MA (part 3)

With reference to parts 1 and 2, the cluster of piles at the edge of the power lines included, just near the top, a well-coordinated collection of rock piles visible from a single larger "platform". Here is a first look at this "platform". A bit rectangular.Many might just see rocks falling from the outcrop rather than a deliberate man-made structure. But it is clear enough if you look at it. Especially from the other direction.The sense of an entrance suggests this is an enclosure.

And then to the side of this enclosure, spread out along the upper slopes of a natural bowl were lines of rock piles.It is worth locating some of the smaller rock piles in this photo. Note the smallest ones on the right are along a line of sight from the position of the camera.Pretty steep:Although not typical, I consider this to be a marker pile site - probably designed for sky watching.

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