Friday, February 25, 2011

Ongoing Tradition or Idle Folly?

Reader Rob writes:

I was exploring an old Indian trail last Fall in Waterboro Maine to see what I could find when I came across this structure. Judging from how the moss was absent on the tops of some of the rocks used in the structure, I believe that this was recently built. Your discussion on possible ongoing traditions brought this to mind. I myself think that perhaps a hunter or logger built this to fill in some idle time.


pwax said...

I wrote back that I thought it was an Indian prayer seat. It is the right shape and setting.

Norman said...

But Bob notes the lack of lichen buildup on the "prayer seat" stones, implying that this structure is not old. A "New Age" prayer seat, perhaps?

pwax said...

The pile's youth is not a counter indication of it being ceremonial.

It would be nice to get a closer look at the lichen.

Larry Harrop said...

In my opinion, this was build by someone with no experience in stone construction. It's haphazardly thrown together.
It has been my experience that Indian constructions, at least here in Rhode Island, are skillfully and artistically done and built to last.
I would say this was built by a hunter as a fireplace or as Norman suggested, some new age nonsense.