Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Haydenville MA rock piles

Reader Chris writes:

I didn't find any great rock piles in 2010, though it wasn't because I wasn't out looking. I uploaded some new photos to my site today of some not-too-impressive rock piles I spotted in Haydenville, MA on some hills near old fields. I suspect that they may be field clearing piles though there were a couple of subtle features that left me wondering. The link for the pictures is http://stoneruins.cellarwalls.com/#43.0 What do you think?


pwax said...

I think they are Indian - given the use of quartz, and the little split-wedged rock. Also the rock sizes are not random, as would be expected for a field clearing pile.

Unknown said...

I agree with Peter. Also, the section of stone wall "Stone wall at field edge" doesn't look like a typical farmer's wall. We see this style a lot at ceremonial sites here in Rhode Island.