Friday, February 25, 2011

Stone Heaps and On Going Traditions

Contemporary Archaeology in Theory: The New Pragmatism By Robert W. Preucel

Confronting colonialism: The Mahican and Schaghticoke peoples and us (Russell G. Handsman and Trudie Lamb Richmond).

Page 486
Image captured from Google Books

Historic contact; Indian people and colonists in today's northeastern United States in the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries

By Robert Steven Grumet
(Stockbridge is on the Housatonic as well)



Norman said...

That first excerpt from Confonting Colonialism refers to a memorial stone pile, and I'm wondering if it is the one on Monument Mountain south of Stockbridge. That's the only one nearby that I can think of.

Lion Miles, a local historian whom I know, guides the Mahican Indians to sites of their ancestral homes on the town common in Stockbridge when they make their annual pilgrimage from Wisconsin.

Tim MacSweeney said...

I'd show them some too, if given the opportunity...