Friday, April 22, 2011

Mine Brook, Sudbury MA (part 1)

The reason for going to explore flat wetlands in a part of Sudbury that might be rocky are that I have been chasing a "hyrophilic" branch of the Wachusett Tradition with linear features and rectangular mounds with hollows situated near water, with views over water, and with complex site layout. I have been chasing it from Pelham NH, through northeast Groton, Clinton, Berlin, Boylston, in places like Framingham, and - I hoped - in Sudbury.

I did find a site with linear features and the same sort of complex site layout but the only pile with a hollow was a bit questionable. Also there seemed to be more modern, less damaged, piles built up on boulders and a rusted out Model-T. Still later, a bit of brick. So it could all be modern. I prefer to imagine the rock piles and wall elements were there earlier. A sketch:
Here is the linear feature, next to the wetland at the bottom of the above sketch:
Lengthwise:And if you look past the end of this feature, you can see one end of the right hand "V" of wall with a faint brook running down between.Also, behind the bottom wall were three or more ground piles :They were not in a straight line but in some places looked to be almost in a curve.

Then you go across the brook.
Here is a panorama taken looking back from the other side:Favorite pic from over there:Too much more to blog about in one pass.

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