Monday, April 25, 2011

Mine Brook, Sudbury MA (part 2)

Let's continue north, across the little seasonal brook and see what there is to see over on the other side within the "V" of stone wall. First we see a nice rock pile:Is that a rusted out model-T or -A? There is little doubt the vehicle owner knew the rock piles were there. This pile is in pretty good shape and, for that, is probably recent. No reason to not equate it with the age of the rusted vehicle.

Just a few feet back from this first pile was another built next to a larger rock:Hard to escape the impression that this might be of the same type as the rock piles from northeast Groton - with hollows but built against boulders. In a later post, I'll show some more of these. But the timing is wrong for the rusted Ford. I mention the pile is like a "mound with hollow" as that would be consistent with what we saw first before the stepping across the seasonal brook.

Continuing along the edge of the wet area - which I think must be the so-called "mine brook", there were a few rock piles built on the ground and then a little structure in the brook:The line of broken rocks (like a spine in the foreground) is certainly not very colonial or practical looking.

Another example of rock piles juxtaposed with (rusted out) modern items, this looks like a deliberate "ceremony":Also in there was a broken down foundation or something:I thought this rock pile was noteworthy:It has the symmetry of an effigy, with the head towards the camera. Another view:This does not look like it has been disturbed.

A peculiar medley. Surprising to find such things, squirreled away behind the suburban houses.

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