Thursday, April 07, 2011


Link from Norman here. (It is a pdf)


pwax said...

Thanks for the link Norman. As usual, reading this sort of thing is infuriating. It is as bad as reading about modern politics! But, in the end, the conclusion has to be that most "science" is nothing of the sort. Hypotheses and experiments should be answered with hypotheses and counter experiments - but instead they are answered with reference to authority and credentials.

We know about that in the rock pile community.

Anonymous said...

Much of what passes for "science" today has been corrupted by money and politics, since most funding comes from the government. Your results challenge the current paradigm? Better ignore or alter them if you want to keep your funding/title/chair/reputation/bookdeals/tenure/job. "Science" is a multibillion dollar big business, don't rock the boat.