Wednesday, July 06, 2011

More photos of "Mound "A"

Continuing an attempt to justify the sketches of mounds (here), here are more pictures of "Mound A" side-by-side with photos I sketched on.
Let's look at the "front". I think the side on the right, at least, is pretty straight. And you can see how I tried to see the shape here, in spite of the collapsed portion just left of center.
Here is a view of - let's call it- the "back".
Again the straight lines are suggested and, on this side, un-interrupted by collapse.
Again, I am not sure this is reasonable and critiques are welcome. I'll just dodge by saying it would be best to visit these mounds in person. Consider it an open invitation.

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Norman said...

Returning to the site in the late fall, and clearing some of the brush away before photography would help to make the shape clearer.