Friday, July 22, 2011

Newly opened Cairns Trail in West Virginia

New trail winds through a W.Va. mystery

"The trail leads past dozens of cairns -- from loosely consolidated nondescript piles, to carefully stacked waist-high columns, to downright imposing walls. One of the most interesting features along the path isn't a cairn at all, but an odd sandstone boulder England calls the Standing Stone."

The full article, which includes pictures of the standing stone and a rock pile and runs to a second page, is at this link.


pwax said...

Thanks Geophile, that's a great story. We are trying to create similar interpretive trails in Acton, MA and I sense the momentum is there for this to continue in other places eventually.

Geophile said...

What a difference a decade makes!

Norman said...

James and Mary Gage wrote a report on the site, and this was followed up by another report by Roger Wise, a now retired archaeologist with the state. All three concluded that the stone features were Indian, but now the authorities are hedging their bets.