Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Some symbolic rocks near Mound C

There were a number of piles with quartz or other interesting rocks near these northern Fitchburg mounds. For example, on "Mound C":Is this hematite? I do not know that material.

Further away, this interesting one:
I never saw such a thin necked manitou stone. Also on "Mound "C, a little handful of quartz chunks (there were other chunks at the other end of the pile)On a separate pile (Mound C is in the background), was this pretty quartzite cobble: closer:Several smaller piles with notable quartz, dot the area:


Norman said...

Impressive manitou stone. It appears to have a lot of quartz in it. Is it fairly thin?

pwax said...

Maybe ~9 inches? Its height would be ~16 inches.