Friday, July 13, 2012

Indian Rocks Park

Via Norman Muller:
Seeing your recent post in Rock Piles reminded me to send you these. These are from Indian Rocks Park that is located in the Big Canoe gated subdivision in north Georgia. There are 39 such stone piles that cross the "neck" of a large bowl shaped area where several springs in the bowl proper, gather and exit through the "neck" of the bowl. Typically,these piles are infilled with smaller stones that would be of little or no use for European type construction, therefore I consider their presence to be a marker for prehistoric constructions. Note that one of the piles has been recently damaged.I have nine such sites in north Georgia with this same configuration; the bowl, springs within the bowl, and stone piles crossing the "neck" of the bowl where water from the springs pass through. These sites are always at the headwaters of major streams in the area. Do you see anything like this up your way? If so, have you written anything on them, research, etc. Also, if you think it would help, please forward this to Peter if you think he may have info on this type of site.
Thanks so much, Tommy.

A couple of more photos. One is of the stream that exits the bowl shaped area, locally called a "hollow". The photo is looking north up into the bowl. Tommy


pwax said...

The source of water is definitely a key place to look for stone structures. I guess most of the sites I find fit that description but I have not payed enough attention to bowls. I think it is more general than that.

pwax said...

I should add that this picture shows what, up here, I want to call "marker" piles. I would also look carefully for the presence of a large mound with a hollow near these.

pwax said...

[Added in 2014] Or look for something whose shadow falls across this site during the year.

Heather said...

Would have been nice to know that the neighborhood guard won't let u in to the park unless you are a resident.