Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Libby Hill - Gray, ME (part 2)

Continuing Rob S's account from here.
So last winter while exploring Libby Hill I expanded my exploration to around May’s Meadow, a beaver bog that’s about a half a mile away. I followed a deer trail down past some cliffs and saw a rock perched on a boulder in such a way that looked as if placed there rather than natural. It looked to be a marker. I searched the area for anything I could find, but nothing came up. I decided to try again when the snow was gone.
In May I relocated the stone; it looked as if it were made to fit the boulder. If it were a trail marker, then it did stand at a place where it was easy to get down through a small ravine. One would hardly need a marker for that though. I went down into the ravine and didn’t need to go far when I saw the small stone circle. It’s about five or six feet wide and is nestled amongst some boulders at the base of a rocky ledge. It’s not truly a circle; it’s backed by two large rocks that form something of a niche. The back end of this niche is blocked by a couple of stones. The top of the niche remains open. Nearby is a boulder that is raised off the ground about a foot or better. On a ledge above the stone circle is a place that has a crescent shape collection of stones. I don’t know if it’s part of the site or not.
One thing I can add about this site; It sits at a cross road where animals can move through the ravine. It would be a good spot for a hunter to sit and watch.


pwax said...

#3/#4 look like a mound "with a hollow" of the type I write about as "early". I believe these are quite old.

Anonymous said...

It does have a scooped out aspect to it.