Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Indian Walls

Norman Muller writes:
When I visited Philip Smith, author of that important article on Indian stone walls in Georgia, last November, he loaned me a half dozen black and white 35mm negatives that he took when he researched the stone walls in the mid-1950s. One was taken at an unknown location and showed a large boulder imbedded in a wall and the other was of a couple of propped stones on top of a large and well-constructed wall Both reminded me of peculiar walls we find in New England. The first reminded me of the massive wall in Milford, PA, and the second of the wall in Westerly, RI
(image by Larry Harrop)
among many other examples.

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Norman said...

The second illustration is of the Kensington Wall on Pigeon Mt. in Dade Co., GA.