Friday, November 09, 2012

Alignment of acton grid?

(See original here) This was not reproducible with later surveys, so I do not know what is true. 
Update: Fred writes:
That line is labelled W 36 N on the picture you sent and in my notebook as well, which is a solar-oriented transit direction.  In that direction I get that the major standstill moon rises at about W 40 N on a level horizon, at an angle of 42 degrees, so the moon fits pretty well to a 3 degree horizon at W36 N.  In the other direction the solstice sun rises at about E 32 S as seen from the center of the earth, and E 33 S as seen on a level horizon, so when rising again at 42 degrees the sun fits pretty well to a 3 degree horizon at E 36 S.  (I am reading this off a sketch graph and
recommend sketching it out)
    It makes more sense to me that the viewing point was under the barn being built in 2010, and that there was viewing to the NW of the major moon, the minor moon, and the summer solstice sunset, because that hypothesis fits more of the data;  but the whole problem is still not enough to be convincing. 

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