Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sawmill Pond - Leominster/Fitchburg/Westminster

After several weeks of no luck finding new sites, my hunting addiction causes me to go looking someplace I am pretty sure I'll find something. It usually works to explore around the edges of a known site. So I went back to the location near Palmer Hill and the Westminster Landfill on Princeton Rd [see here where it is clear the map conflicts with today's map. My location estimates are not that good].
I came to a lookout place and thought people had to have looked out from there in the past. Then saw the edges of a rock pile site, as I turned to the side to look higher up the hill:
Note how at ~.26 seconds into the video there is what looks like a foot trail leading off between the structures. At the time I was only aware of about 5 or 6 piles. Here was my first glimpse, followed by some pics as I walked around:
 Here is a pretty piece of quartz:
 The overall scene:
Then I started poking around looking for other piles hidden in the foliage. Is this one?
I headed uphill and spotted this lovely thing:
Is this not the moral equivalent of a niche?
Still closer:
The meaning is hovering near.
A wall crested the summit and I crossed the wall. Following down the other side - a lone rock on boulder seems to announce the edge of  the place:
Later, I looped around and headed back down. There were other clusters of piles there.

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Tim MacSweeney said...

Funny how this last photo is just above the article about "aboriginal stone walls in Georgia." And I guess it is still true that there is "no future at the time in making a career studying stone walls." It has been, for me at least, better than 'sitting on my hands,' as they say...