Monday, November 19, 2012

Broken Brewerton

I was really happy to find this yesterday, in a place where I have found several triangular and small-stemmed quartz arrowheads in many hours of looking. This was an unexpected find. It is the unfortunately badly broken base of a Brewerton point, I believe the material is felsite.
The people who made these were different from the people who made the quartz triangles I usually find. Maybe this little place was inhabited by different people at different times, or perhaps it was lost during a hunt? Maybe the people that made the quartz points traded for this or acquired it in some other way? It's a shame this is broken. It was big and narrow, maybe used as a knife, or a drill? I dream of perhaps some day finding a whole one like this. I have very, very few Brewerton points and I think the shape is really attractive. I found some triangular quartz arrowhead fragments on Sunday also, more typical stuff, almost not worth showing.


pwax said...

And yet it is almost a Hardaway Dalton, as shown here:

Chris Pittman said...

Certainly, they are similar. A collector in Connecticut who has been helpful to me told me that the Dalton family are characterized by very deep basal concavity.