Monday, January 21, 2013

A bigger piece of quartz

     I spent some time on Saturday exploring along a river near a spot where I found a nice quartz arrowhead last year. The arrowhead was in a low flat area near the water, a little further from the riverbank the terrain rises to a little hill and I thought that place would also be worth searching. At or near the top of the little hill is an old stone wall. I thought this construction in this otherwise entirely ordinary wall was interesting.
     A quartz boulder rests on a quartz pedestal, flanked by two big upright vertical slabs. Here's a closer look at that pretty piece of quartz.
     The rest of this wall runs along and ends at an ordinary old cellar hole near the base of the hill. I wonder if these big quartz pieces and slabs were moved from somewhere else close by? There is no doubt that Indians in this spot were using quartz for tools, long ago.
     Sunday I spent three and a half hours searching for arrowheads in a very likely spot. I didn't find even a single broken piece. Days like that are discouraging but unavoidable, arrowheads are hard to find.


pwax said...

Beautiful piece of quartz. I wonder what the story is behind that bit of wall?

Tim MacSweeney said...

Any more photos of that Wall?
And I apologise in advance for this: