Thursday, January 17, 2013

Roadside Attractions - Ashburnham

Made the mistake of heading west in the direction of more snow rather than less, and spent time walking around a dismal swap. Several reasons to give up on that walk: snow; hurt feet; significant #s of "No Trespassing" signs [in a rural  area where it would be reasonable to expect armed homeowners]; and the sheer absence of anything approximating a rock pile.

Drove around instead and saw piles on Needham Rd and on some offshoot of Bragg Hill. I wanted to take a closer look but these were:
- at the edge of someone's front yard
-between houses
- next to a driveway
I especially wished I could get out and have a closer look at that one.

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Menotomy Maps said...

A 1/2 inch of snow is great, it provides good contrast.
More than that is a hindrance.
Oddly, last weekend we found a spotted salamander walking on the snow.