Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Russell Millpond in Chelmsford, MA

I succeeded in finding a new woods to explore, not too far from home, and with interesting water and rock topography. There are always a few ceremonial traces:
The trail committee is doing something funny over there, with soil disturbances and a few stacked rocks next to the trail. One place I saw a trench of disturbed soil about 6 feet long. Can't figure that one out.
I did not see too much but, again, there are always a few traces. 
Perhaps more would have been visible, if not for the snow. In the case of the next structure, the only mound-like object I saw, I am afraid more visibility would have revealed it as not ceremonial. 
This is down in the southeastern-most part of the place, perhaps on private property. From there I swung back around to the east, passing this:
and then I saw one more interesting item as I headed back north.
Each of these different structures was familiar in its own way but isolated and lacking context.

As I headed out, I fell through the ice on a puddle I didn't notice. While floundering and trying to get out without falling through again, I didn't notice cutting my hand and seriously bruising my foot. I mostly felt embarrassed - not really a Jack London character.


Chris Pittman said...

That first picture is very pretty.

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