Friday, December 06, 2013

Waramaug by Swimming Eel (Franklyn Bearce)

With Thanks to Tom Littledeer {}

         “Waramaug (probably born about 1650) died in 1735 after fifty five years as a beloved and respected sachem and was buried on the eastern side of Lover's Leap Canyon.  A great monolith stone column marked the spot, surrounded by rocks and trinkets piled six feet high. Each stone represented an expression of care from a member of his tribe.  In the late 1880's, a family from Bridgeport bought the site and build a house on top of the grave site using many of the stones for the foundation..."
-       Swimming Eel (Franklyn Bearce)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Tim for the acknowledgement. You know either Jeremiah his son made stone walls in the Cornwall area?Tom Littledeer

Unknown said...

Franklyn "Swimming Eel" Bearce was a charlatan and fraud. He was never accepted as being an actual native, even by the natives he dealt with.