Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A knoll at the interchange between Rt 90 and Rt 495 and a good Senior Thesis

Looking back at pictures I took, I realize there were rock pile groups all the way around this little knoll, shown on the map. There is a little causeway you can follow in from Fruit Street and it leads directly to a good sized pile:
I walked counter clockwise. This was part of a sequence of rocks and piles:
I expect this points to something, perhaps on the horizon, or perhaps seasonally.
On the far side of the hill there was a larger boulder, with rock piles radiating out from it in four directions - except the lines intersected a few feet to the side of the boulder. Here are some pictures:
Looking out from the boulder; a couple of inconspicuous piles and a small rock:
From another direction:
And another:
The piles were not impressive but they were all over the place. Also walls. Here was a double wall:
A typical undisturbed woodland. Mapping this place carefully makes sense. It would be a great project for a student thesis.

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Anonymous said...

Was walking in there this past summer, but much closer to the river than where you were. Lots of stone rows/walls, but if there were rock piles I didn't see anything obvious...

-bd from hopk