Monday, January 27, 2014

River Stone Archeology - from industrial landscaping planters

Continuing the discussion of river rocks found in landscaping contexts, their archeology is almost more a matter of aesthetics than science. In the case of the rocks from Waltham, I have no idea where the rocks are from. I note the mixture of rhyolites and other materials that I do not see in glacial till around here. But I don't know where these rocks were harvested - nor from how deep a layer. 

So it is not really a science. But it really is a chance to admire the artistry of the tool maker.
I think this is a scraper:

How about those smooth lines?

I think this is an axe:

This is a relatively large item.

And I think this is a hatchet - very worn down:

I find these rock irresistible. Especially the last, which is deep green. I am assembling an "assemblage" of examples. Right now the snow is blocking me, but I have five to ten more rocks to liberate.

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