Friday, January 17, 2014

A "To Walk"list

Like a "to do" list. I don't know if this is of interest but here is mine at the moment:
  • Southern Westboro "Libbey Property" almost in Upton
  • [DONE]Green Hill Shrewsbury
  • Just south of southernmost point in Townsend.
  • All over the place near Juniper Hill in Ashby.
  • North of road to Mt Pisgah – get to valley south of Rattlesnake Hill, Berlin
  • Hill East of Pleasant-Street Cemetery – South Berlin.
  • Barnard/Stiles/Longley – still waiting on these.
  • More thorough east of Fitchburg Reservoir.
  • All around Juniper Hill (still)
  • [DONE]Across 495 from EMC Southboro [Done that boring]
  • [DONE]Northwest of Saddle Hill [couldn't get in, except one little place]
  • [DONE: BORING] High Rock Woods in Needham (north of Powisset/Dover) 
  • [DONE, tres dull] Across Rt 13 from Dead Swamp in Townsend. And, as far as that goes, the southern edge of Dead Swamp.


Unknown said...

Peter -
re: the Libbey property - you already gave me a site on "Libby Hill" with 2 rock piles on it. On the opposite side of Adams St. is Fay Mountain, the highest land in Westboro. I went up there to look for piles last summer and found a few scrappy ones near the summit, plus a suspicious-looking stone row. So there are certainly things in the area.

pwax said...

I believe sites are everywhere that they have not been completely erased.