Monday, July 28, 2014

Some luck in a grassy place

Look at this place by a river. Freshly cut grass. It looks like a lawn. Would you believe it is possible to find arrowheads here?
Well, there are little bare patches here and there. I spent an hour there yesterday. Here is something that is not made of quartz.
It's slate. It's crude, it would be easy to not recognize this as an artifact. The tip and most of the stem are gone but you can still see the shoulders. This might have been a Neville point. Here it is with an asymmetrical little quartz triangle found nearby. Just the very edge was visible when I spotted it, I thought it was a flake.
This chunky quartz knife or preform is missing a corner.
This pretty little triangle was easy to spot. I had to move some grass out of the way to take the picture.
Most of the quartz triangles I find, have an incurvate base. I don't have many straight-edged equilateral triangles like this. The very tip is gone. I'm still happy with this find.
Not bad for a short walk in the grass.


pwax said...

I had to laugh. I sure wouldn't expect much on that "lawn".

Menotomy Maps said...

Are you using some kind of info from the ether to find these things?

Anonymous said...

You must have the magic touch! I'd be thrilled with finding one of those over the course of a year.

pwax said...

Chris is putting in a lot of hours. There might be places to hunt for arrowheads near where you live.