Thursday, July 14, 2016

Latest update on Hopping Brook desecration

Turns out we may be looking at permitting irregularities.
  • There was a EPS/NEPA permitt needed for "storm water removal"
  • Native tribes were not informed.
This means the historical aspect of the permitting was improper at the Federal level. Let's hope this is enough to get some delays operating. Check out the red outlines below (which are approximate), and check out the wetland crossings. [Thanks to Matt Howes for getting this information.]

Some of these maps include stone walls but they leave out all the mounds and smaller rock piles.

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Tommy Hudson said...

To keep from making some irreversable mistakes, all petroforms should be considered prehistoric, unless absolutely proven otherwise. You would think that the archaeological community, using "best practice" methods that they claim are paramount, would support my previous statement, but one has to remember that their clients are often the very people who would gain from the destruction of said petroforms.