Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A fieldtrip in Boxboro

David Alling showed me some sites he found in Boxborough. He is lucky to have rock piles in his own backyard:
From the remaining vertical facing and from a general impression that these piles all were slanted in the same way, I get the sense of a calenderical function. Also, other things:
 and a hint:
We also saw some piles over by the railroad, that did not photo too well. I had explored in there before but Dave found some things I missed right next to the brook.
Boxboro is a town that "never disappoints". We passed a conservation land, with rock piles you could see from the road. Off Sargent Rd at "Half Moon Meadow":
Looking at it: it seems to be a pathway leading up to the outcrop, and then along it. Thanks David.

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