Thursday, November 17, 2016

Photos from Boxborough

Reader David, sends photos and text:

The following photos were taken in Boxborough in the general vicinity of Patch Hill.   There are at least 3 more piles in this area that I did not photograph.       
Fortunately, I had some time to clean the area.

This is the second pile that I cleared but found it far more interesting.  This particular rock has been split into multiple pieces, some more obvious than others.  Located in the center of the photo, is one of the splits and notice how it is filled with rocks of a consistent size.  To the left of this split, there is another collection of rocks, this time they are much smaller in diameter and would fit easily in the palm of your hand.  These rocks are not visible in these photos.  I did not inspect all of the smaller rocks, but I was able to find a nice piece of white quartz.

Behind the tree on the right, there is a line of small rocks that look like they step down the hill for about 3-4 feet.  Pile # 3 is about 10 feet downhill from the left side of this pile.    

Pile #1.  After I cleared this pile, I decided it was a good idea to take before and after photos.  This particular pile was completely covered with leaves and scrap pieces of chopped wood. It continues beyond the frame for another 5 feet.  

Pile #2 is in the foreground and Pile #1 is behind it to the right.  They are about 20 feet apart from each other. 

Pile #3.  This particular pile is downhill from pile #2.   

Pile #4: This pile is located on the edge (ledge?) of a little ridge and this is the view looking uphill.  Notice the white rock in the foreground. 

Pile #4: Here is the view from above pile #4.  It looks like there is a hollow in the middle of the pile.  

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