Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Short spurs of stone wall at Half Moon Meadow - Boxboro

Off Sargent Rd in Boxboro you can see the rock piles from the road at Half Moon Meadow conservation land. We saw some piles (see here) and some short stretches of wall. Thought I would pass these along:
These were on top of the last rock there, which...yeah...I guess it looks like something.
Whether that is a "head" or just a resting place for colorful rocks, I don't know.

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Tommy Hudson said...

Difficult to tell from this angle, but appears to be a long line of stacked small boulders and stones that terminate at a bedrock outcrop. This is similar to several sites here in the southeast. Also, Philip Smith's report shows several sites that end at, or connect, bedrock outcrops. Does the bedrock represent a serpent head, or is a serpent emanating from the bedrock of the underworld? Could be both, depending on the occasion or spiritual need.