Friday, January 06, 2017

Flag Hill, Stow

It's been a few years since I went there, so I took my son for a walk. If you enter from the east, going up the ravine, a rather curious bit of wall occurs:
Joe says: "It looks like a snake". I note the niche at the upper end. We headed south, up on out of there, skirting the site uphill from us:
There are some big mounds on the sw side of the hill, down near the spring house. But I am sure they are a later, non-ceremonial effort. Some of the piles have dirt one top of them, others are relatively fresh.
Back to the stuff that is "real" [I know it, just as Matt Howe says] this reminds me of the first picture above:
You'll note the quartz.
Then on the way back out, south of the pond there, another nice site. Knew it long ago and thought "Gee I am getting good at finding rock pile sites!". As it turns out, sites are everywhere and skill is not needed to find them, just persistence.
I asked my son to go have a look down into that split rock:

Then, is this a creature with quartz on its neck?

Or is it a traditional triangular marker pile with a bit of quartz?


Tim MacSweeney said...

Photo #1 and photo #4 seem pretty obvious...

Tim MacSweeney said...

And here's one more, with the quartz rhomboidal behind the symmetrical head, a stone Ulufisu'ti perhaps sitting on the head with the long stone behind it to help hold the horns - complete with GPS cordinates for the MA SHPO.