Friday, February 24, 2017

After the snow melted

I didn't find as much as I thought I would. Some fragments, a decent stemmed base, a glass button from recent times.
In a different place, two broken triangular arrowheads.
Today was a beautiful day. I had to spend some time out looking. A broken base of a little Squibnocket Triangle.
A crude point. Argillite often does not show flaking well. But the size, shape and material are typical for this area.
Here they are.
This one is a little better. Material is felsite, I believe. An Orient Fishtail, maybe? A shame about the damage.
Cleaned up at home.
Different lighting. A pretty material.
As I was walking out I found this. Ground stone, polished, with a lens-shaped cross section. The long parallel edges are almost sharp enough to cut with. Part of a prehistoric tool? Or a broken sharpening stone from more recent times? What do you think?


pwax said...

I love the flaking on argillite.
Perhaps the ground stone tool was a gouge. There are some long ones at the Robbins (or was in Concord) museum that might have that cross section.

Kierran Broatch said...

I sent you a message on Instagram with a photo of a find that reminds me of this, save for the sharp edges. Hopefully you received it. Keep up the good work.