Friday, February 03, 2017

Continuining to walk clockwise around Sandy Pond

Walking clockwise on the north side of Sandy Pond, Lincoln the account left off here:
Continuing as the trail nears the northern end of a little wetland, on the  right is a small rectangular  horseshoe-shaped pile.
Hard to photo:
It wasn't until we got around to the northeast side of Sandy Pond, along the edges of that wetland, that more extensive mounds started to show up. This gives you an idea:
This whole side of the wetland has a "debris" of stones piles along it.  I have seen very similar things at Woodbridge Rd in Carlisle. This was more extensive.
I am looking over the photos, trying to decide what to post. How about this:

I am pretty sure that is what a pile looks like when it has been deconstructed. It's what a vandalized pile looks like. But actually, there were so many other things:
View back up towards the path:
These are long mounds with hollows. Sometimes it seemed an extended complex, sometimes a collection of separated features. Here the view is to the west or northwest:
Let's take another look at that first example:
It is almost a spiral.
Here some little "chambers" going along the same wetland edge:
It is clear these are deliberate structures.


Bob Daniells said...

Have you considered running some ground penetrating radar on the mounds to see what may be inside?

pwax said...

If you have access to something that will look through rocks, I would be thrilled to use it - although it might be considered disrespectful.

But, to tell the truth, I don't think there is anything in there to see.