Thursday, February 02, 2017

Council Oak in Dighton MA - under threat

[Not rock pile related] I got an email from George Gustafson:

The Council Oak in Dighton MA is an important location.  A meeting is being held on Feb 15 to discuss the building of housing adjacent to this site, Any suggestions to prevent this?

If the reader wants to help, I am happy to forward emails.


Chris Pittman said...

This tree is dead and gone. It died after housing was built adjacent to the site. Only a stump remains. The stump is still important but it is dead wood now and the setting is not as it was. The place where they want to put more homes is also a site, but collectors carried away most of the tools long ago, there is very little left.

Chris Pittman said...

For archaeologists to say that there is no evidence that people lived there is insane to me. There is plenty of debitage and pieces of tools as well, in a clearly defined site that absolutely was a habitation area. I saw a decent base from there, heavy grinding on the stem. It's thousands of years old. No bones remain from burials from that time. There are small stemmed points there also. I will be at that meeting.