Friday, March 17, 2017

Where do blog visitors come from?

Since I get to look at the visitor logs, I can answer this question a bit.
 - Most readers are from MA
 - Next most are from states neighboring MA
 - Next most are from NY
 - Next most are from GA
 - Next most from Ontario
 - Next most are from MI
 - etc, and places around the world.

This inspires leaping to the conclusion that GA, MI, and Ontario are the places where the most rock piles occur - outside of New England. But, I seriously doubt that is correct. It is easier to believe that -for unexplained reasons- states south of NY and north of GA have fewer individuals out looking at rocks in the woods. Let's see...what do we know about those intermediate states?

I think this is one of the big (but resolvable) issues: why don't they find rock piles in -say- the hills of Carolina? Is their a "mid Atlantic cultural vacuum"? 

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Tim Fohl said...

I have seen similar structures in CO, CA, and on an Island Washington. Becky Donlon is presenting at the NEARA conference son structures in CO.