Thursday, April 20, 2017

Between the hills at Marble Hill in Stow

Behind the Fire Station, you can walk to the back of the fields and then follow one of a choice of trails. I took a right angle turn left into the wet area full of boulders and saw familiar odds and ends as I headed upstream:
 Hard to escape the impression of an old structure:

Close to the "top" of the water, in the saddle between a smaller hill to the west and Marble Hill to the east, I spotted a systematic rectangle on the west side
Going over to investigate, I saw a smaller pile up the slope a bit:
The rectangle was an indistinct shape, a bit rectangular:
And there is a line of stones, a "wall" leading off diagonally from one corner:

So then, naturally, you go up the hill just to be systematic and the little pile you saw at the beginning turns out to be the tip of an iceberg - a marker pile "iceberg" with piles getting bigger the further and further you get from that original large rectangle (my interpretation).
Here is a panorama:

Over to the side (south) something to look at through the brush?
Larger piles, more broken down:

 And a nice combination of pile and boulder and pile
And then, at the very edge of a site, the biggest so far:
This is big enough to almost qualify as a "mound" itself. A nice slope:
By the way, Stow could be reasonably considered a suburb of Boston.

I want to emphasize the site layout that includes:
  • a grid of piles on a slope,
  • a rectangular structure at the high point of water adjacent to the slope. 
I see this layout in many places. When I see a grid, I hope to see rectangular structures in association with it. Just like last weekend where the rectangles only showed up in the highest valley below Ingalls Rd.

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