Saturday, April 08, 2017

West of Peppercorn Hill, Headwaters of Mill River Upton

Had a fun walk down from the W. Main Str following the brook south and over to where it crosses East Str near the termination of Walnut Str. The walk was fun because, after crossing East street, I had an adventure getting through 50 yards of rose bushes in order to avoid the houses on either side. Boy! are rose bushes a pain. I exited, bloodied, via a small site and then on to the western edge of Peppercorn Hill. I got up on the hill then circled round though a new development and back west to East Str. - then back to my car, walking on roads.
At the beginning when I was north of Walnut Str, a small brook confluence was the first place I saw rock piles - and they are very much to be expected in this context: low to the ground, possibly in a line with spacing:

Right nearby, just to the south, a typical rectangular mound:

 Note the "trail" going through it on the left side. Closer:
Other views:

Then that peculiar mound at the edge of the field:
Now I cross East Str at the intersection with Walnut. 50 yards in (wiping off some blood), some unexpected old piles in the swamp:

 This is right at a spring:

Then I went in a little further east, where there were several other small clusters of rock piles on the outcrops along the brook.

And a path leading up past some rock piles:
And let's follow the path a little farther, to an outcrop over the brook:

Or we can look at this same outcrop, as it appears from the brook side, a trail leading up it:

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