Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Norvin Green State Forest (& "The New Weis Center for Education, Arts & Recreation") in Northern NJ

 “ interesting mix of ancient native work along with possibly colonial era and post-colonial ruins.”

Will Kuberski  writes,“I suspect these were built on top of an ancient site, a much earlier construction. The foundations appear to be dug out of solid bedrock. It seems apparent that the farm was built where it is because the natives had previously built walls, leveled areas of earth and possibly engineered certain features of the area. There are classic rock piles and snake walls throughout the area that seem beyond the scope of a small horse farm. An interesting feature of this is called "the Natural Pool", which lies at the bottom of a stream which runs down the mountain. It was apparently dug out by hand in the 1930's for local recreation, and is still used. There's no telling what kind of neolithic history was wiped out during that construction, but it warrants a closer look. I suspect the entire area was a significant native site that has been almost obliterated by early settlers, but still apparent. Excavations on the farm house and the area have not been done, however it seems that the Weis Center staff might welcome such endeavors. Luckily the preservation of this area is not under threat.

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pwax said...

Like that: " There are classic rock piles and snake walls "

Classic eh?

Anonymous said...

Yeah now that you mention it, silly choice of words, but I suppose you get the idea. -Will