Monday, October 30, 2017

Cranberry Hill, on the border of Lexington and Lincoln

Mostly private property, so I'll skill giving a map. This is a site I knew from long ago, when I remember thinking the place was very indistinct - with examples of piles shading away into outcrops. On this visit it all looked a lot clearer. I had circled around to the north and was in a flat place heading south, went up the ridge and over, down to the owner's driveway, then back up and down the valley out to Mill Street. There were piles all the way, with some classic rectangular mounds mixed in.
Here we are in the flat place. After most of an hour walking with few rocks visible, suddenly here are two clusters. One with small rocks, another with large ones:
A closer look at the first:
If you care to look closely, you will see it is a capital 'U' with a break on the left stem. Meanwhile the other pile has no structure that I recognize:
Since I walked right over it, I saw this third pile too:
 The view back towards the first two.
Then up the ridge to the west. Something is already peaking out from there:
Ah ha!
And more ah ha! This is now somewhat familiar, rectangular with a depression.
It is running downhill in an unusual manner but it seems to still be the familiar mound. Other views:
And here is another 'U' with a broken stem - this time with the opening facing us:
And over onto the ridge:
 View back towards first mounds.
And down below:
The other way:
From a distance another mound on an outcrop (this is right in back of the house):
Then we go back up over to the next valley, with more mounds on the way:

It is rectangular but is there a depression in the middle?
Seen from above:
Let's say goodbye to the valley as we head out to Mill Street:

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