Sunday, October 29, 2017

Photos from Our Hidden Landscapes

"Our Hidden Landscapes: Native American Stone Ceremonial Sites in the North American East" took place on October 28, 2017 from 9am-5pm at Shepaug Valley High School in Washington CT.
Dr. Lucianne Lavin
"Stone Landscapes in Pennsylvania and the Northeast" 
Tom Paul spoke about the Hammonasett Line and Norman Muller presented "Interpreting Row-Linked Boulder Sites from Georgia to New England."
Robert DeFosses spoke about the stones on his hilltop property in Harwinton CT, "A Sacred Place:"
(Above: Bob asked me to take some photos with his cell phone;
below: one of Bob's photos)

Doug Harris of the Narragansett spoke about 
Manitou Hasanik  and "Ceremonial Stone Landscapes:"
And especially of "Let the Landscape Speak for Itself"
Doug Harris pointing out the Manitou Stone observed by Norman at Turners Falls:
(Above: Institute for American Indian Studies photo)

James Gage took the stage:
Doug Schwartz was there:
Dr. Johannes (Jannie) Loubser (or as he introduced himself to two of my grandchildren, Doc Rock Lobster) presented "The Stone Piles of Jackson County, Georgia:"

Dr. Julia King spoke (but my photo was too blurry to put up here),  presented "Rethinking Indigenous Landscapes in the Chesapeake." She was followed by Dr. Laurie Rush who works for the U.S. Army at Fort Drum, New York. She presented "Indigenous Stone Features and Landscapes of the Northeast; the Need for Scientific Research:"

Dr. Paul Robinson, retired RI State Archaeologist, spoke of the "Challenges and Opportunities of Collaborative Research Projects; Working with Indian Tribes to Preserve and Protect Ceremonial Stone Landscapes." He was followed by Charity Moore Weiss and Matthew Victor Weiss, who presented "Stones and Their Places; An Application of Landscape Theory to Ceremonial Stone Landscapes of West Virginia."

Paul Loether of the National Park Service conducted a lively discussion to end the event:

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