Monday, October 23, 2017

More scenes from Hopkinton - Adams Street Conservation Land

It is non-stop fun over there (referring to 'C' on this map).

I had to discourage myself and the LFH from leaving the main "Holliston Highway" as there were so many distractions. I was sure if we stayed on the path there would be better things further in. But I had to get off trail here:
On the other side of this hill there was a fine site.
A fine pile like this hits me in the gut:

 An interesting site layout. Parts older than others. Worth a survey.

Older piles down along the back side and perhaps this was a burial mound:

 The view back uphill from this 'mound':

At this point we almost had had enough - and tried heading back towards the car. The result was we got lost and found a couple more sites. This one in a wetland:
And these wonderful piles along a ridge outcrop:

So if you want to see lots of rock piles and not need to make much effort: head to Hopkinton and the woods between 495 and 85. It is non-stop rock piles.


The Liberal Malcontent said...
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Chris Pittman said...

Very nice!

Matt Howes said...

Hello Peter and folks-

In the woods of this area, please be aware that there are several Standing Stone sites that are just as relevant as the Heath, MA. (Burnt Hill) site. In a couple of places a few of them are standing upright, although most of them are on the ground, sometimes hard to distinguish (overgrown with moss, etc.)
As of right now, I am having trouble uploading pictures onto the computer again so I am not sure at this time if I will be able to bring attention to these ancient stones on my own blog. Also, my cell phone is an old LG model, not the clearest pictures, at least about ten years old or so and I do not plan on upgrading to new technology due to my criticisms/ understandings about how this technology works and the ill affects it has on human and environmental health. Also, I am not the best person to use for plotting out info on a chart or topo map; I come across sites more by an "intuitive feeling" of landscape awareness and am not overly concerned about plugging data away the way an educated person is trained to do... I would be willing to lead someone to some of these standing stone sites, however, giving my time and companionship freely as I have done so in the past. Believe it or not, although I come from a decent middle-class household, I personally live very poor; that has been my experience ever since I was a trouble-maker getting suspended from high school or jumping out the 2nd story window of the boy's room to escape from class- I have no heat in the winter in my room, no A/C in the summer, but actually, I do not necessarily need these things, etc., not when there is a flame inside of me which cannot be quenched. Being a person who has Native ancestry, even any Native ancestry whatsoever, the Ceremonial Stone Landscape is dear to my heart, even if other family members want to/have sweep it under the rug. Ask me why my head is so big, it is because it is "full of ideas (dreams)." Staring out the window. No day-dreaming allowed. Now you're in SPED. Why is it "pseudoscience" to read a book about lake monsters/sea serpents, and connect the dots to the Great Horned Serpent and the Ceremonial Stone Landscape, or is there some kind of conspiracy going on here??
Let me know if anyone is interested in the standing stones. Okay. The first time I contacted you, Peter (e-mail), I told you I had Native ancestry. When I met the group from NEARA, to show the ancient structure in Medway, I said nothing of my family's Native heritage, people from the early to mid 19th century who can be properly identified as NATIVE INDIAN. I did not know who Curtiss Hoffman was-- and he did not know who I was; I think he assumed I was a member of NEARA or something which I never have been-- I feel kind of hurt by this. But it is okay. I like Prof. Hoffman, he is one of the good ones IMO, he is a good guy, in some ways my ancestry isn't so important, it is about the research in this case. I know that people here probably read my blog and am surprised that no one has inquired about the Standing Stone sites?

pwax said...

I saw a couple standing stones last weekend. Let's make a plan to see some others in a few weeks.