Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Ceremony at edge of deer hunters' camp

At the edge of a hunter's camp. First I saw something white and assumed it was a trash bag, but to be systematic I took a closer look and found a small quartz rock in a loose line of other rocks - with a rock pile down the way:

Other views:

Having just posted about an effigy, makes me want to see this as another example. No matter. 

There were a few other rock piles about, of a size, distribution, and placement on a flat slope, as to suggest "marker piles".

You can see a bit of path, innards to the left, the quartz arrangement beyond in the background.
So, when I see what look like a collection of marker piles, I look around the edges for rectangular mounds with hollows (burials) and this had me notice something I would not have noticed otherwise.
Lousy picture too! Just the suggestion of a level spot and an outline - a bit of soil/rock pushed out, away from an outcrop. Shaped a bit similarly to a "mound with hollow". 

I could be imagining things, though I saw a better example later:
That is as "far out" as speculation should be allowed. I don't know how you would find out if this was a burial.
This was in Wrentham State Forest, 1/4 mile NW of interchange 14 on Rt 495.

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