Saturday, November 10, 2018

Somewhere in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

I am sitting on a slab of rock, with smaller rocks propped up around the edge. When I was about 5 years old, we did not think about stonework and archaeo-astronomy. Apologies, my Dad did not understand things like cleaning the camera lens.

Anyone recognize this spot or the background mountain?


Norman said...

I'm pretty good about located sites in the White Mountains, but this image stumps me. You're above treeline and I would guess somewhere in the Presidentials . The ridge in the background doesn't ring a bell. Send the image to someone at the AMC in Boston for identification.

pwax said...

(Later, in email)
Hi Norman,

My immediate thought is the plateau on Nelson Crag trail right below where the trail and the road meet up looking Northeast towards the Carter-Moriah Range. The only locations in the White Mountains that have that combination of rocks and long grass are along Nelson Crag, spots near the Dry River Wilderness/Camel Trail, the Franklin Flats on the southern slopes, the Monticello Lawn on Jefferson, the 6 mix mark of the Auto Road, and a little (not much) in the Alpine Garden. The ridgeline is too high to be anything along the Davis path and is too bumpy to include Eisenhower, so I would be inclined to say this is from the northern/eastern slopes of Washington. If you look on the left hand side of the picture (Source: the back ridgeline looks similar to that in the picture provided but is much further away than what is seen in the original picture. This attached image is from the upper portion of the Nelson Crag trail, above the location that I originally thought. However, the lower section would put you closer to the ridge than what is seen in my photo. The other ridge line that I pondered is from the Auto Road looking WNW towards Jefferson/Clay, but the col between those 2 mountains is a bit too deep to be your picture.

My thought is that the picture is from Nelson Crag area, but the direction is debatable. If you have access to Facebook there is a "The 4,000 footer club-climbing and hiking in New Hampshire" group that you could post the picture in and let people of all generations talk it through. If you don't have access to Facebook I could post it (with your permission) and see what information is generated from there. Additionally, the OH facebook page might be helpful, and I can help you with that if needed as a fellow OH.

There's my long winded thought process for you! I hope it is somewhat helpful!


Greg K (Galehead Hut Croo Summer 2016)