Friday, November 16, 2018

Southern Sherborn

At the end of a short walk in the area, I found a messy "mound" up on the top of a bluff looking west over Sewall Brook. Similar bluffs run north of there, up through Pine Hill and Brush Hill, and I expect similar "mounds".
After some walking around, I finally found one rock pile, a bit like a donation pile but damaged:
 A piece of pink granite in the mix:
Then I am going up towards the bluff:
 Here it is from above:
There was nothing crisp enough to call a "hollow" but there were some signs of structure. I would call this a "Wrentham pavement" and suggest, since this is the Charles River watershed, it is part of the same culture we saw recently at Birchwold in Wrentham.

Other views:
Looking at the lower slope of this pile note the curved line of rocks on the right side of the picture:
Examining these more closely:
This begins to resemble a bit of "marker pile" structure and the suggestion is that the even slope below the mound played that role. Since this is in association with the large mound above, it is an interesting detail. 

It is a grand thing, and nice to see in the context of the Wrentham finds. In the above picture, the hill slopes down to the right and becomes a ridge. A few feet along there, there was a bit of something else:
In time we can explore those bluffs north of here, to look for similar sites.


Norman said...

Is the first photo of a boulder with possible donation stones piled against the end closest to the camera?

pwax said...

Yes. Piled and falling off. Thinking about it, a slanted boulder is not a good place for donations, so maybe this is something else.

Tim MacSweeney said...

Photo #3: Do you think there was some human enhancement/shaping going on with this one?

Tim MacSweeney said...

#2 reminds me of this in Woodbury - "I wasn't even really 100% certain that this was either a boulder or a pile of stones until we got closer - and saw that it was actually both; the westerly side was stones while the other sides were boulder:"