Thursday, January 31, 2019

Some CT Turtle LiDar

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  Well now, this is a place we all have heard a little bit about, Buell Hill in Killingworth CT, that Turtle made of stacked stones, that one of these people in the photograph once confessed to me that he didn't know "how anybody could look at and not think it was intended to be a Turtle:"
Here it is again:
Tom Paul once drew a map of "stone walls" and a "Turtle Cairn"
and I once matched up a little bit of it, as best as I could,
 to an aerial photo superimposed over a topographic map that I lifted at :

The Lidar and Tom Paul's map,
matching up the features:

  So what else is on Buell Hill? Some interesting things perhaps:

Exactly where this is on Buell Hill, I'm unsure, but it is sort of interesting:

(Not the same "Stone Prayer" but a photo of another by Marjorie Theroux Tietjen:)
Undulating (vertically), an interesting row of stones:
Closer still (and drawing in the eye isn't necessary):

Up on the outcrop:
Video Link:


Norman said...

The LiDAR and Paul's map need some explanation.

Curt Hoffman said...

It's nice to know that these structures are still there - I last visited back in 2004, with Doug and John Brown and some other folks.

Tim MacSweeney said...

Norman: went back and added something of an explanation.