Tuesday, January 22, 2019

"The Kite"

Qussukquanush (?)

   "Desert kites are constructions aimed at trapping game animals, found in the Middle East. The constructions are generally believed to have been used "to catch herds of wild ungulates." They appear in deserts and are most common in eastern Jordan; some also appear in the Negev Desert of Israel and Sinai Desert of Egypt."  Wikipedia


Curt Hoffman said...

This is reminiscent of Noel Ring's keyhole-shaped enclosures. She wrote a brief article on these for the Ancient Vermont volume, but she also presented on the topic at an Eastern States Archaeological Federation conference in Maine a few years ago. I haven't had success getting information on the location of these structures from her.

Anonymous said...


Curt, hope this link works. This is in Saudi Arabia, which has thousands of kites, keyholes, stone circles etc. Just poke around this area and you will be astonished. Dave C. in DE.